Meta what??? When I first read the word, my first reaction was… Great! I’m learning new words! Teaching is not my first course, I took up Nursing in college – Metacognition was  never part of my vocabulary and learning the definition and concepts was very beneficial.

After going through the module on metacognition, I realize that despite how much time I read it, something is just not right. I remember in college I would pick up fast in lessons if I see a demonstration of the skill, a diagram, holding a model, pictures, verbal discussions and sometimes even by merely hearing myself read the text. I started reading about metacognition more and I realized that I learn through visual and auditory. 

Applying what I’ve read in the module, I searched for videos and diagrams on metacognition. Below is a great video on what metacognition is about:

BE HONEST – Am I really learning or simply memorizing? Now that I’m learning new things, I need to learn the habit of  stopping every once in awhile and do a self evaluate.