As mentioned in my earlier post on Metacognition, “BE HONEST – Am I really learning or simply memorizing? Now that I’m learning new things, I need to learn the habit of  stopping every once in awhile and do a self evaluate.”  It made me thinking, what count’s as self regulation? Is it enough to be reflective?

1 Self-regulated learning (SRL) refers to some rather specific ways that learners take control of their own learning. Schunk and Zimmerman (1998) define SRL as:

“learning that occurs largely from the influence of students’ self-generated thoughts, feelings, strategies, and behaviors, which are oriented toward the attainment of goals”

I came across a publication on “Encouraging Self-regulated learning in the classroom: A review of the Literature”  and found very beneficial in class setting. You can read the publication here:

Being a visual learner, I had to look for a diagram on self regulation (I’m self regulating on self regulation) . I found two that really interest me. The first one explains the process in a brief manner while the other use pictures to symbolize the process.

How Does A Learner Become Self-Regulated?

2 Research indicates that there are some key factors that help create expert learners:

  • Explicit instruction in the use of learning strategies, which include:
    • rehearsal strategies
    • elaboration strategies
    • organizational strategies
    • comprehension-monitoring strategies
    • affective strategies
  • Development of reflective thinking skills (including self-questioning)
  • Extensive long-term practice applying self-regulated learning followed by informative, correctivefeedback