Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.
By Ralph Waldo Emerson


Cite evidences from personal experience that would support one or both ideas that intelligence is inherited or shaped by environmental factors.

Growing up, I wasn’t the average female elementary kid that you usually see – quiet, studious and obedient. Instead I was a rebel – at one point I was sent to the office for boxing a boy (No, I don’t have dreams of becoming a boxer). Although I’m not proud of it and my head would still shrug every time I would remember horror stories of my youth, it made me believe that we human beings, generally speaking, are shaped by our environment and experiences. As a kid I remember being constantly compared to my friends who exhibit the ideals. She was the perfect kid – good grades, quiet, obedient, for short the envy of any parent. When we started high school, I still wasn’t serious with my studies but other than that I was fine.  My friend on the other hand started experimenting – alcohol, smoking and even drugs. After graduating high school, I started realizing that my study habits will not be acceptable in college. I started studying and soon after I became a Dean’s lister. My friend started dropping and changing courses. It made me realize that nothing is permanent except for change. I don’t regret being who I am. Who I am right now is a product of victorious battles and defeat.

Having learned various theoretical perspectives on intelligence, how do you think should intelligence be measured

  • What are the weaknesses of standardized tests (Binet-Stanford, etc.) as determinants for qualification for employment / admission into schools?
  • Can you suggest alternative ways that would be qualify as a “more fair” or “more valid” basis for assessment of intelligence?

I don’t think intelligence should be a qualification for employment / admission into schools. I believe that no one is incapable or in simple term “bobo”.  I really don’t understand why society is too obsessed with numbers – IQ, money, etc. Why do we define a person merely by how good they perform in a written test? I have these two classmates in college; one was a Magna Cum Laude in Biology while the other one was a graduate of Mass communication. During open discussions the Magna Cum Laude would state her opinion in Tagalog but no one would commend her for her brilliant thinking. The Mass com student on the other hand would enunciate her answer in English and my classmates would all cheer but if you’ll really pay attention to what she said, it was just strings of words in English, in short walang sense. After graduation and passing the board exam, I was baffled to see my Magna Cum Laude friend working in Mercury Drugs. Not that I have anything against Mercury Drug, I just felt that she deserve to work in a hospital. I later on found out that my Mass communication classmate is working in one of the prestigious Hospitals in the Philippines. My point here is – a standard IQ test should not be a basis or a verbal interview in hiring people. The HR should take in consideration if the person actually fit the job requirement. What do I mean by that? It should be skill based and objective. I remember screening applicants for a private nurse for one of the students in school. The student had unstable episodes of seizures even with medication and the school and parent wanted to ensure his safety while in school. All of the applicants passed the written test but only one passed the skill based assessment. Do I personally like her? No, but I needed to be objective and choose what’s best for the student.


In what ways do our notions about intelligence affect the way we teach and/ or learn?

Our notions on intelligence greatly affect the way we teach and learn. It’s like the backbone of how we teach and learn.


Having thus considered different views of intelligence, how do you think intelligence should be defined (i.e., how would you refine the definition of intelligence)? 

My own definition of Intelligence is a person’s understanding and self awareness of his environment.