There are two variables, Challenge level & Skill level, as represented on the vertical and horizontal axes of the chart that determine our motivational response to a learning experience.

  • Challenge       Skill   =  Motivational Response
    Challenge vs. skill, showing "flow" ...
    Challenge vs. skill, showing “flow” region (Photo credit from: Wikipedia)

Low               Low               Apathy

Low            Moderate    Boredom

Low              High         Relaxation

Moderate    Low               Worry

Moderate    High              Control

High             Low               Anxiety

High           Moderate       Arousal

High              High             Flow

Thus, in conclusion, a  person needs to have a high challenge and high skill level in order to experience Flow.

I remember when I was new to a school nurse post, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I never felt so lost in my life! This challenge me to do my own research. I also second guess myself – just to be one the safe side. I started reflecting especially on how I can improve my skills. If something new was presented – I would ask myself – Have I done the right thing? What other steps do I need to take? This also forced me to attend different seminars on school nursing. After a year or two, I’ve noticed that I feel more confident in work.

I think teachers can be an instrument in students’ experience of flow, but to be able to do so, the teacher should know the student more.