1. If you believe that we can teach complex learning (e.g., analytical, creative thinking), HOW can it be done?  Be specific; your ideas must be doable.  If not, what are the“insurmountable obstacles”?

First is by providing questions that will tap on the student’s thinking cap. The teacher presents a puzzling event, question, or problem. The students: formulate hypotheses to explain the event or solve the problem, collect data to test the hypotheses, draw conclusions, and reflect on the original problem and the thinking processes needed to solve it. This can be done by individuals or by group.

  1. Which theoretical approach/es best align/s with complex learning?  Conversely, which theoretical views tend to undermine high order thinking skills?  Elaborate.  What are the implications to curriculum development and classroom teaching?  In other words, what are the implication of specific theoretical perspectives on the way we design curriculum and plan/ implement teaching, or even in the way students learn?

After going through the different theories, I’ve observed how they are link to one another. To answer the question, the best theoretical approach that is align with complex learning would be the Cognitive Learning Theory.[i] Critical thinking is at the heart of effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. It enables us to link together mystery of content with such diverse goals. 

  1. How do you imagine might learning theory affect the progress and development of a community or a nation?  As an individual with such an awareness, what commitment/s, if any, can you make?

One of the reasons why I ventured into teaching is to mold students to be responsible adults in the future. Learning theories does make an impact in a community and of course the greater nation. Having citizens who make critical thinking part of their daily lives will be awesome! But I think molding individuals to be “tolerant – open minded, fair – principled, caring and reflective” matters more than molding individuals to attain educational standards.


“I have always had this view about the modern education system: we pay attention to brain development, but the development of warmheartedness we take for granted. –

Dalai Lama”


[i] Educational Psychology, 9th edition, Anita Woolfolk